Ethan Munzinger, MD

  • General Cardiology

  • Interventional Cardiology

Ethan Munzinger, MD is an interventional cardiologist at the Heart and Vascular Center at Valley View. His specialties include treatment of coronary artery disease, heart attacks, heart failure, and vascular diseases. He attained his medical degree from the University of Missouri, after earning his master’s degree in physiology and biophysics from Georgetown University in Washington, DC. He also completed fellowships and internships at the University of Oklahoma, and the Detroit Medical Center. Prior to joining the Valley View team, Dr. Munzinger practiced in Arkansas, where he built a vein and vascular treatment program at Unity Hospital in Searcy.

Dr. Munzinger works best under difficult circumstances. “I find professional satisfaction in treating patients in the throes of a major heart attack, placing a stent in the coronary artery, and seeing rapid improvement of their symptoms,” he says. “In addition to performing invasive procedures, I really believe in the value of non-invasive medical therapies, healthy lifestyle, exercise and rehabilitation. Most of all, I believe in patient-centered, data-driven medical decision making. I see my role as an educator or guide in helping a patient make the best-informed decision for him or herself.”

Dr. Munzinger and his wife, along with their two-year-old daughter, enjoy skiing, hiking, and adventures to the library.