Trevor Gerber, Physician Assistant

Trevor Gerber is a Physician Assistant at Valley View’s Heart & Vascular Center, specializing in cardiothoracic surgical services. Prior to joining the team, he worked at the Dixie Regional Medical Center in Utah for over 15 years, where he performed all facets of operative care for patients there. He attended school in Arizona, graduating from the University of Arizona before moving to the Arizona School of Health Sciences in Mesa for his Master’s Degree in Physician Assistant Studies.

“I really value what we do in the operating room,” Trevor says. “When patients come in extremis, and then in a few days they’re walking out of the hospital under their own power, after having a heart attack and going through a very difficult surgery—what an amazing feeling. We got them through that.”

Trevor takes lessons from his own life to help assist his patients in their moments of greatest need. “I was raised by a single mom and had four older brothers. She took no shenanigans from us,” he says with a chuckle. “If I said I was going to do something, I had to do it, and she held me to it. I’m a very disciplined person; the way I eat and exercise, the fact that I make my bed every single morning, the attention with which I do my job—all of that comes from her.”

“I do my best to never cut corners in my own life,” he continues, “and during heart surgery, there’s no room for half measures—the stakes are too high in there.” That sense of discipline manifests in Trevor’s activity of choice, too: triathlon. “I’ve done almost a hundred of them at this point, from Iron Man races to local sprints and everything in between.”

Trevor is also a voracious reader, who counts To Kill a Mockingbird as his all-time favorite work. “It addressed social justice long before it was much of a thing,” he says. “Atticus Finch personifies the commitment to treating all people with respect, and it resonates now as much as the first time I read it.”

When he’s not pushing himself to mental and physical limits, Trevor loves spending time outdoors with his wife and two children, enjoying the skiing, biking and hiking that make the Roaring Fork Valley such a great place to live.